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Yuan Yuanhe - Litewear

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Great Health Series
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The magic of "Harmony" - Guben Yang, no taboo, younger and younger, full of spring
[Medicine and food homology]
Medicinal foods, natural macromolecules, safe non-toxic side effects.
The formulas are all from the “Food and Medicine homologous” product catalog. The main raw materials are grown in the western region. They are pure natural and have no problems. They can be used for both medicine and food. Long-term consumption can play a role of “consolidating the basic principles and prolonging longevity”.
[Multi-target coordination]
The general aphrodisiac and various kinds of kidney products whose role is hormone-like or forced expansion of capillaries, play a "aphrodisiac" role, eat useful, do not eat no use, which contains hormones or hormone-like components and dilate capillaries, Damage to the male body is great, and long-term use will also lead to liver and kidney damage;
Pure natural "and" first through the "intestinal flora" multi-target synergies, reduce toxins on the reproductive and nervous system damage, remove the cytotoxins and blood waste, and further self-regeneration of testicular cells through the enhancement of the gonads The function of the axis induces and maintains male desires;
This product focuses on dredging, excretion and repair. The long-term consumption of "this" compound "yuan" can improve the body's immune system, it is not vulnerable to colds, slows down osteoporosis, resists fatigue, and delays aging of the reproductive system and the body. The improvement of sexual dysfunction caused by drugs or diseases (diabetic impotence) is particularly evident.
[Effective focus]
1. From 5 to 10 days, the sense of fatigue was significantly reduced and he slept deeper.
2. From 10 to 30 days, sexual function improved and sexual desire increased.
3. In 3 months, the body feels young and ten years old. The body is relaxed and the mind is flexible.
4. For more than 12 months, the various organs of the body are young, the blood is unobstructed, and the vitality is strong.
2 times a day, 3 tablets early, 6 tablets late, chewing or swallowing.
1. It is not recommended to drink alcohol during the consumption of this product, otherwise it will have a detoxification effect.
2. Pregnant women and children are not advised to eat.
3. This product is due to the absence of hormone-like effects, female consumption can play a role in enhancing physical fitness, regulating health, delaying aging, preventing dementia, laxative, and maintaining health (http://www.chemdrug.com/article/7/ The role of
4. Diet control, according to the amount of time, the more serious symptoms suggest buying hardcover version.
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